Meteorological mast 10 m MS&E M-2
Meteorological mast MS&E M-2 is produced by the Consortium "MS&E" is designed to mount  on it automatic weather stations models MS&E-3, MS&E-4 and MS&E DL Wind-2. It consists of two parts of aluminum alloy, heel, turnbuckles and cables of stainless steel. Its height is 10 m. The sensors for speed and direction of the wind (model MS&E PISPV-3 or MS&E PISPV-4) are mounted on its top by attaching to a horizontal bar. It is read for wind speeds up to 80 m/s. Under natural conditions t has been subjected to wind load by wind speeds of 54 m/s.

Meteorological mast MS&E M-2 has "offset" structure. This allows prophylactic, inspection and replacement of sensors for speed and direction of the wind and the antenna just by one person. Mast is strengthened by six steel cables with tensions - three at 10 m and three at 5 m. All parts used in the mast are from non-corrosive materials. The mast is painted in white.