Power supply MS&E PS
Specialized power supply MS&E PS-E2

Specialized power supply MS&E PS-E2

1.    Input voltage 
•    Electricity network 220V AC
•    PV system input of 15-30V DC (with protection against reverse inclusion)
2.    Output voltage
•    DC , stabilized 13.8V (in the presence of mains voltage or input from the PV system> 15 V)
3.    Output current
•    nominal 0.8A,  peak up to 10A (within 30 sec)
•    protection from short-circuit and output electricity higher/more than 15A
4.    Built in accumulator battery
•    12V/7.2 Ah
•    After reaching full charge voltage of 13.8V the battery charging current is automatically limited; 
•    Charging battery current – to 2A
•    When the battery discharge is below 11 V the load is automatically switched off
•    When the load is off and the input voltage is restored automatically begins charging the battery and when it reaches voltage of 12V the load is included again

There is a possibility for parallel integration of additional battery 12 V/12 Ah

Specialized power supply MS&E PS-H2

1. Input voltage:
      • 220 V AC;
2. Output voltage:
      • DC 15 V;
3. Output current:
      • Output current - 15 A;;
      • Short-circuit protection of output and output current greater than 15A.