Sensor for measuring atmospheric pressure MS&E Pa-3
Sensor MS&E Pa-2 is produced by the Consortium "MS&E" and is designed to measure atmospheric pressure of automatic weather stations models MS&E-3 and MS&E-4.

Type: Aneroid box
It consists of aneroid box with two electrodes.


- Electrical pulses proportional to atmospheric pressure;

Power supply converter:
- DC, from 10 to 15V
- Current consumption at 12 V - 10 mA.

Метрологични характеристики:
-диапазон на измерване от 800 hPa до 1100 hPa;
-разделителна способност 0.1 hPa;
-абсолютна грешка от измерването - ± 0.2 hPa.