Protection for sensors MS&E t/RH-2 from shield MS&E S-2A
Shield (from direct solar radiation) at temperature measurements should provide a limited space with uniform temperature therein, which is as close to that of the ambient air. Shield should protect the thermometer from the effects of sunshine and rainfall.Classical measurement of temperature and humidity is carried in a wooden weather box. In AWS the measurement of temperature is in so called  radiation shield which is  made of plastic or metal, and has approximately 30 times smaller volume than the wooden weather box. When there is no forced ventilation, in a quiet sunny weather with little wind during the day (especially during summer) both types of radiation protection can not ensure full compliance of the temperature in this volume with the ambient air. As empirical evidence is found that these differences can reach during the day (with strong sunshine and little wind) to 2.5C and - 0.5C in a clear, quiet night.

Radiation shield MS&E MS-2 is produced by the Consortium "MS&E" since 2007.It`s designed for use with a combined sensor for temperature and relative humidity MS&E t/RH-2. It replaces the previous model MS&E MS-1. The difference between the two models is only in the material. While MS&E MS-1 is constructed from UV resistive white plastic, MS&E MS-2 is made of aluminum alloy, painted in white. Overheat in the internal volume in both models radiation protection is up to 1.8C in clear weather, wind speed below 0.5 m/s and temperature 34C. The working volume is 500 cc.