Combined sensor for measuring temperature and relative humidity MS&E t/RH-2
Sensor MS&E t/RH-2 is producing Consortium “MS&E” and is designed to measure temperature and relative humidity of automatic weather stations models MS&E-3 and MS&E-4. It consist of stainless steel body, protective cap of aluminum alloy and signal cable with a length of 3 m. The principle of conversion of air into an electrical signal using a resistive sensor (platinum). The principle of converting relative humidity to an electrical signal using a capacitive sensor and electronic converter. The output air temperature is resistance, and relative humidity is a frequency proportional to the relative humidity. Voltage of the electronic converter must be in the range 9-15 V DC source through consumption of up to 8 mA. Length of signal cable - 15 m.
Metrological characteristics of MS&E t/RH-2 :
1. Air temperature in working with AMC MS&E-3 or MS&E-4:
-Measuring range: -35°C  +70°C;
-Resolution 0.02°C;
-Absolute measurement error of - ± 0.2°C in the range -25°C  +50°C;
2. Relative humidity:
-Measuring range 20% - 99% (without capacitor);
-Resolution 0.1%;
-Absolute measurement error - ± 2%