Sensors for measuring wind speed and wind direction MS&E PISPV-4
Sensor MS&E PISPV-4 is in production list of the Consortium "MS&E" since the end of 2008 and is designed to measure speed and direction of the wind from automatic weather stations models MS&E-3, MS&E-4 and automatic anemometer MS&E DL Wind-2. It consist of bodies of aluminum alloy, impeller, wind vane from aluminum alloy and 10 m signal cable.
Sensor MS&E PISPV-4 is composed of two separate sensors: for wind speed and for wind direction. Sensors are provided with anti-icing heating, driven by electronic thermostats.
Transducers: Proximity – optocouplers

- Speed - frequency directly proportional to wind speed
- Direction - 7 bit parallel code of Gray;

Power supply:
        Electronics for the sensors:
- DC, from 10 to 15V
- Current consumption at 12 V - 80 mA.
        To heat sensors
- DC 12 to 20V
- Current consumption at 15 V - 2 A.

Metrological characteristics of the wind direction:
-Measuring range from 0 to 360 ;
-Resolution of <3 ;
-Absolute measurement error of - 1.5 including the error for finding the North

Metrological characteristics of wind speed:
-Measuring range from 0.4 m/s to 50.0 m/s;
-Resolution 0.1 m/s.
-Relative error of measurement:
from 0.4 to 10 m/s - 0.15 m / s
10 to 50 m/s -better than 2%