Services offered by Consortium "MS&E"
Consortium "MS&E" has highly qualified specialists for the preparation of various expert reports:
- Assessment of local weather conditions and microclimatic studies;
- Design of Automatic Weather Monitoring (ASMM) based on data from field experiments or expertise;
- Design and construction of meteorological information systems for the tourism industry;
- Determination of meteorological resources in a specific spot for renewable energy based on measurement data.

Consortium "MS&E" performs installation of manufactured by it equipment. First the location of the meteorological site is specified in accordance with World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the specific conditions.The following instructions are given to the client: dimensions, fence, placing the feet and the bases of the tensions of the meteorological pole, misleading of the power supply. If the work is in "real time" the characteristics of the communication routers are identified. After the installation the equipment is put in service and after 72 hours of testing it shall be submitted to the client.
Giving the experience at home and abroad that for the client it is not profitable to purchase unique equipment, replaceable parts, sensors and modules, and to maintain laboratories with highly specialized staff. In 1995 Consortium "MS&E" organized its service business in the county. For this purpose trained professionals with years of experience are used. Also off-road vehicles, full set of spare modules and assemblies and  specially produced by the Consortium "MS&E" equipment and special testing software.
In the laboratory test complex Consortium "MS&E" tests are run on sensors and devices both in laboratory and natural conditions.